Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Journey

I was advised to capture my experiences and incidences in my new avatar as a B school student (yet again!!!##!!), so here I am, trying to do exactly that.

There are times when I get these massive bouts of Deja Vu, I keep thinking of meeting up with RK or Shwetank in the cafe, the late nights in the canteen spent on Stats, the accounting presentations with kompaani :), or the ridiculously long HR sessions. All in all, it comes back with a rush. So much so last night, I thought that I was sleeping on my IMI hostel bed with Shweta next to me!!!

But this is a whole lot different too. Firstly, I know where I don't want to land up, I know that all opportunities are fleeting, and I know that there's a lot I don't know. That's a pretty good start!

That said, this experience is darned exciting. Outlook, people, diversity, spareless time, ridiculously blue skies, cheap beer and more shades of green than I care to count!

To restrain me from going "all over the place" with my thoughts, I'll try and channelize each entry to focus on one aspect of my stay here.

Finance is upmost on my head right now, stock

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The never ending review...

So fine. You've done your homework, got your recommenders, managed to struggle to the word limit of the essays...but who do you get to tell you what sounds like bullshit!!!

So you have one grammar bouncer, one who can talk from the MBA perspective (believe me, they can make all the difference), and one layman who can breeze in and upset your cozily set apple cart with a few careless, but just comments :(

And then there'll be those whose intentions are in the right place, but time management is not. I'm becoming really vindictive here as I'm going to make that person at least read this post!!!

I must confess that though Berkeley essays are the most troublesome and never ending ... (12 bloody essays!!!), I'm enjoying writing them most. It's the whole Berkeley atmosphere...there's always a thrill of creativity around that really titillates me, just like it did when I visited the campus...

3 AM in the morning and I have a SBU ppt to redo and submit by tomo morn!!! Shit! I better get a move on!!!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

An insufferable, incorrigible fool

That's me btw. I mean, you have people - knowledgeable, professional people ready to go all out and help you get the essays up and running for a few bucks! But no, me stupid me will protest against the norm and say "I will do it all by me li'l self!"

Am I right or just foolish???

I guess until I get into one school (or don't), I'll never know...

But it irks the hell out of me! How DARE anyone even THINK of tampering over my essays, saying what I should add or not!!!

And for me to actually PAY them for that disservice!!!

Over my dead body!

I guess its just an ego issue with me, and well an ethical issue too...but somethings are just so hard to accept.

I KNOW for a fact I'll always look down upon a person who took such measures...well, not look down contemptuously, just gen raise my bushy eyebrows a tad...

An irritating voice in my head keeps on whispering, "Really now Anne? Really? Especially when you kiss your dream school g'bye and see that clever person move ahead with a 420 watt smile???"

Well, it saddens the heart, but I'll live with it.

This is the reason I'm shit scared to show my essays to P. I live in veritable fear that he's going to find it lacking in aspects and recommend me to one such person...and then I won't be able to refuse out of politeness :( :( :(

Well let's see how W and B and V turn out, shall we? Then we can laugh merrily or sigh sorrowfully at Fate and my stupid ethics!!!

Hey, after all I got a 6 in AWA, and scored well in BA w/o reading ANYTHING...god knows...anything can happen :)

Which brings me back to where I started :)

An insufferable, incorrigible fool

You know why I didn't bloody read criticisms before my BA exams??? Because I wanted to give only MY opinion and not one modified by some other knowledgeable critic!!! And so I went, confidently armed with only and only what the textbook said, and class notes copied from Camay and Row in the melee with a la!

Lame excuse come to think of it...but knowing me, I'll fall prey to it again, worse luck!!!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Aqua, Marrakesh and a very nice sammilani

It was all in all a worthy Saturday. Wharton managed to ruin my Pujas, but shani saved it all! Most importantly, I GOT TO SLEEP IN THE AFTERNOON!!! I cant remember the last time I slept in the afternoon. More due to lack of ability rather than lack of opportunity.

Luckless that I am, sleep deprives me of sleep!

Anyway, moving on to what happ after I did some due diligence to sombre slumber, met up with mee the key and went to aqua. Oh, I do do DO like that place so much. And they still allow you to smoke et all!!! Bubla wasn't around, so thankfully didnt have to wrangle with him over the bill and my refusal to take a discount from him!!!

My desires from life in general is very clear. If you (friend, family, colleague, cousin, acquaintance) really WANT to do something for me or give me something, give me a Honda City plllllleeeeaseeee.

Dont waste your effort on giving me more worthy things, its a sheer waste on me. And if you can't, that;s ok with me, I dont mind waiting a few years

Unlike a certain row in the melee with a la I know, I do not want dainty silver sins, I mean things.

Marrakesh was also nice, mee the key pretended to be out, lolled on the cushions, made a few calls here there and nowhere and had some really REALLY bad sparkling wine, which he insisted was darned good! I promise you guys, it was next to the pits. What would pbly happen to horse urine if you stored it underground ad tried to forget all about it!!!

Anyway, I absolutely enjoyed the blue, and the ice of course, which I happily chewed on till my teeth went berserk in protest. And gosh, the keraliyan mutton kebab was so ruddy awesome! It has to be had to be believed!!!

I am promising here and now that I'm going to have that damn thing once again ASAP!

The next post will have details of the bijoya sammilani or whatever...

Cheerios mah good buddies

the school tragedy...

Well, what did you expect? Rather what did I expect? With a name like "curse is cast", its bound to be a tragedy...or a rather histrionic comedy.

But then what I think as tragedy might sound more comical than Dirk Gently's prophecies about the universe...

So, beginning at the beginning...(btw, can anyone tell me why there is a beginning? I mean seriously, what's the harm of the middle? And I can assure you, if you look at our family, the middle is the most exciting , and the end's the most troublesome. The beginning tries to take responsibility of the middle and the end, as she should, seeing that she was the start of all things: , but often fails.)

And as usual I've digressed from what I intended to write!!!

By the way...what if one supplanted the word digressed with transgressed? Would it make more sense or less???

As in I've disobeyed the law of the written word..that sort of thing!!!

Shucks! I'm rambling again!

rather a pity! let me try another post then, this one's just NOT working!!!

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Non(e)sense Rhymes

Onek din por icche holo aamar absent creative juice gulo ke chibiye maari (pun obviously not intended)

Romila's saathe chat korte korte amra the following chora likhe fellam...

Here goes...

Bhaja Moja

Ananya bolle:

Nangto baachha khachhe goja
goja kheye she pachhe moja
moja peye she jachhe soja
ghonchur baarir je posha ojha,

tar kaache je khirer bhaaja

bhaajar paashe rakha ek baaja...

tar kaache

dekhre baba kirom moja
tate miliye ektu ganja
tar pore khelbi paanja
mone kore nijeke raja

bhule giye shob lojja

Hoye jaabi totpor taja

kaaje paabi phurtir baaja

Romila tate bolle:

tui akta taaja phol

(tui tar oporer dhamadol)

ebar kaaj kori re chol
(keno re bol bol bol)
(Er ki bhalo hobe phol?)
(tahole, ja tui, tor kaajer bajche kol
aar aamar kaajer holo je kaal

tai shobai bole, tui ja, giye cher re baal
karon tor baal already chhera?
aare je shomoyer kol baaje, shemni kol, joler kol noi re

Wednesday, September 26, 2007


This is it, my friends.
This is the last day for me at work.
It ends here.
The pain and torture.....I HEARD THAT! WHICH ONE OF YOU JUST SNIGGERED?????? I'll be fired, be not getting hired, with no money, AND THAT YOU FIND FREAKIN' FUNNY????

Oh pardon me, you were just enquiring about the issue....sorry, just sensitive and all that right now, y'know

You see, there's this thing (Ya ya ya, I know I use this particular word pretty often. Cant be helped, the thing is omnipresent in my life, it just uses a electromorphograph (Calvin's one) real often.) where was I....yes, the thing....

Well there's this thing. And It was supposed to be printed in the newspaper.
("What's the relation with me"??? I WORK IN A RUDDY NEWSPAPER COMPANY, DON"T I, DUNDERHEAD??!!).

Well, this thing that was supposed to be printed in today's paper got printed in the paper that came out today. Ah! Wait wait, there's a catch. The thing got printed minus a part of the thing, for simplicity's sake let's call that the thing's thing. Now the thing without the thing's thing just doesn't mean anything, in or out of paper.

So now you understand my predicament. Two bloody pages in the paper full of the thing, without the thing's thing. And so, "Alvida alvida, meri naukri alvida, koi puchhe to kehe dia alvida"